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Hard Drive Destruction in Jacksonville

hard drive shredding services Jacksonville

It is not just paper that has sensitive information. Your hard drives also need to be destroyed before they leave your possession. This is required for compliance with federal and Florida state privacy laws including HIPAA. Just deleting files is not sufficient to destroy the information. It is easily recovered with free software.

To be sure the information is destroyed, the best way it to physically destroy the hard drive. Hard drive destruction can be done on-site or at a secure Jacksonville plant. The pieces are then melted down for metal recycling. This is absolute destruction.

Don’t forget all of the hidden hard drives in your office. Copy machines and fax machines also have hard drives that must be shredded before it is sent off to the recyclers. These store digital images of what has been scanned and can be recovered.

Upon destruction, you will receive a certificate of destruction that indicates the process has been completed. This certificate is good to maintain records, especially if following a legal regulation such as HIPAA. The process is entirely secure and confidential, and after the certificate is delivered, you know for a fact that your electronic information is eternally safe.

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